Abu Garcia Reel Parts Diagram & Details

Abu Garcia reels are Japanese-made, next-generation, front-drag spinning reels ideal for saltwater and freshwater applications. It’s a highly concentrated blend of technology that allows for effortless mobility, pinpoint accuracy, and little weight.

Abu Garcia reels feature a sleek and sophisticated design that is both modern and classic for the Abu Garcia brand, resulting in a reel that is unparalleled in its class and offers unmatched value for its high-end technology components. Here are the parts and functions of Abu Garcia reels.

Abu Garcia Reel Parts Diagram

abu garcia reel parts diagram

abu garcia reel parts diagram2

Abu Garcia Reel Parts Explained

abu garcia reel parts diagram3

Drive Shaft

The drive shaft is the part of your Abu Garcia reel that transmits the energy from your line to your spool. It’s a long, thin piece of metal with a hole in it for the line to pass through and comes in many different sizes. This can vary depending on how much weight you want on each end, so make sure you know what size you need before ordering!

The drive shaft is held in place by an Allen key or Phillips head screw; however, some reels may have an additional locking pin instead.

Worm Shaft

The worm shaft is a small piece of plastic that slides inside the reel’s housing, where it engages with the gear train. It is used to propel lines out of your reel and into your fishing line. 

Bearing Handle Cap

The bearing handle cap is a small cylindrical piece that fits into a hole in the bottom of the reel. It helps to hold onto your line as you reel it in and out, keeping it from getting tangled up with other objects.

You can also use it to attach an extra spool or two (like when you’re fishing for large species).

If you’ve ever snapped off this part of your Abu Garcia Reel Parts Kit, don’t worry! Just replace it with one of its replacement parts and get back on track with some casting practice!

Bail Spring

The bail spring is a small metal piece that fits into the reel, and it prevents the line from being pulled too tight. It can be replaced by unscrewing it and taking it off of your Abu Garcia reel.

Pinion Gear

The pinion gear is the gear that drives the spool. It’s mounted on a drive shaft, which passes through your reel’s frame and connects to your main gear. The main gear drives another smaller gear called an idler wheel, which spins with each retrieve of your line. 

This is why you need to make sure your reel has good bearings in order to have a smooth and consistent drag rotation when casting or retrieving lines from deep water where there may be some splashback from waves crashing into it.

Brake Spring

The brake spring is a key component in the action of your reel. It keeps the brake open when you’re reeling in, and it closes it when you leave it on idle. The spring’s function can be explained by its name: it helps regulate how much pressure is applied to the handlebar of your reel when pulling back with an open reel; conversely, it also helps regulate how much force is applied as you reel forward with an engaged line (whether or not there’s an actual fish caught).

You’ll find these parts located around where most reels are sold—or at least where they were originally sold—and they’re usually black plastic with some sort of text printed on them (e.g., “Brake Spring”).

Side Plate Screws

The side plate screws are the screws that hold your reel’s side plate on. They’re also known as “sideplate” or “baseplate”, depending on what you prefer.

The side plate is a metal plate that attaches to the frame of your Abu Garcia reel and holds it up in place, allowing you to use it for years to come without worrying about it coming loose or falling off (as long as you keep your reel maintained).

Micro-click drag knob

The micro-click drag knob is a small knob that you turn to adjust the drag. It’s usually located on the side of your reel and it’s also called a clicker or micro-click drag. This allows you to adjust how much tension your spool will have when you pull back on it, which lets you fine-tune how much of the line should be coming off at one time (the amount of resistance).

Bail wire

The bail wire is a small wire that connects the spool to the handle. It’s connected to the spool with a small screw, and it can be adjusted so that it has enough tension on it to keep your line from slipping off your reel when you cast or retrieve. The bail wire should be installed after all other parts are attached to ensure proper function and safety of your Abu Garcia Reel Parts.

Anti-reverse lever

The anti-reverse lever is a small plastic piece that sits between the reel and the handle. It works like this: when you pull back on your line, it shuts off any power going to your reel’s drag system—meaning it won’t spin. You can adjust this setting by turning or removing this lever, which will affect how much tension there is on your line and therefore how fast or slow it spins when you crank up a fishy bite.

Main gear

The main gear is the main drive gear, located at the center of your Abu Garcia reel. This component drives the worm shaft and is made of brass. Its serrated edge helps to prevent line twists when reeling in your fish.

Handle nut

The handle nut is a small hex nut that holds the handle to the reel. It’s usually made of plastic or metal, and it can be found at any hardware store (or online). While this part isn’t as important as other parts of your Abu Garcia Reel Parts Kit, it’s still an important part for you to know about!

Bail arm spring

The bail arm spring is a small, round spring that holds the bail in place. It can be easily replaced if you need to replace it.

Line guide

The line guide is a small metal piece that fits onto the reel, helping to keep it in place and preventing it from slipping out of place. It’s made of metal and has holes in it so that you can see what kind of line is on your reel when you’re using it.

The line guide also contains an integral handle for holding onto while reeling in or out at different angles (it’s not just for reels with handles).

Bearing retainer plate

The bearing retainer plate is a flat piece of metal that fits into the top of your reel spool to keep it from spinning when you’re not using it. It’s usually held in place by two screws, but some reels have handles that also hold them in place. If you want to remove and/or replace this part, use only flathead screwdrivers for best results—don’t use Phillips-head bits on any Abu Garcia reels!


This guide is intended to help you understand the parts of an Abu Garcia reel, and what they do. We’ve tried to keep it simple and easy to follow, but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out. We love helping customers understand their equipment and know exactly how it works!

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