Ames Hose Reel Parts Diagram & Functions

The Ames hose reel is a popular choice for those looking for an affordable, reliable, and easy-to-use hose reel. It has many different parts that make up this product and each part plays an important role in its overall performance. In this article, we will explore some of these different parts so that you can learn more about them as well as how they interact with each other when using your Ames hose reel properly!

Ames Hose Reel Parts Diagram

ames hose reel parts diagram

Ames Hose Reel Parts Explained

ames hose reel parts diagram 2

Reel Support Stand

The REEL SUPPORT STAND is a frame that supports the hose reel. It is made of steel and has a powder coat finish. The swivel base allows for adjusting for uneven ground, making this stand very versatile in its use. The stand is also highly durable and can hold up to 500 pounds. The stand has a powder coat finish.

Reel Hub Assembly

You might have seen a reel hub assembly before. It’s where the hub, hub support and bearing are all attached together to make a complete unit. The hub is the center of your reel and holds all of its moving parts in place.

The hub support is what keeps it from spinning freely around on its own axis; without it, you wouldn’t be able to use your garden hose as much! And finally, there’s that big metal plate called “the bearing,” which allows for smooth rotation between different positions on your hose reel (like left or right).

Reel Axle

The reel axle is a cylindrical bearing that fits in the center of the reel hub. It’s made of metal and has a threaded end that screws into the reel hub. The axle is mounted to side track mounting hardware, which allows it to rotate freely inside its housing while allowing you to adjust your hose length without adjusting any other part of your system.

The purpose of this part is essentially twofold: First, it allows you to keep track of where your hose ends when you’re using multiple hoses simultaneously; second, if something goes wrong with one or both ends (like they get caught up on something), you’ll know exactly how far apart those loose ends are from each other so that they don’t touch each other accidentally again soon after being freed from their entanglements

Hose Reel Folding Legs

The folding legs are used to support the hose reel in a horizontal position. They are made of steel and attached to the case by means of bolts or rivets. These legs can be folded and unfolded using a crank handle built into their base, which makes them easy to operate even while wearing gloves or mittens that might get caught on other parts of the machine’s structure during use.

Hose Reel Case Guide

The case guide is the part of your hose reel that holds the hose. It’s what makes your hose reel portable, because it allows you to move your hose from place to place without having to worry about losing it or damaging it in transit.

The case guides are made of plastic and are attached to the reel hub assembly via an arbor screw, which locates them on both sides of each wheel assembly.

Reel Length

The length of a hose reel is important because it determines how much hose you can store on the reel. Reels are measured from where the next section of hose attaches to the reel, so if you have an 8 foot piece of garden hose attached to your reel and want to store 10 feet worth of additional garden hoses (10 feet each), you would need an 8-foot-long hose retainer strap or hook at each end.

Swivel Joint

The swivel joint is the most important part of an Ames hose reel because it allows the hose to move in any direction, making it easy to reposition and store. Swivels can be found on both ends of most reels, but they are more commonly found on the end where you attach your garden hose. The swivel allows you to turn the end of your garden hose around so that no one will get wet when they pull it from its storage location!

Male and Female Plugs

The plugs are used to connect the hose to the reel. They come in many different shapes and sizes, depending on your needs. There are male and female plugs available, so you can use them with either type of hose reel. The color coding helps you identify which plug goes where on the hose reel itself; this makes connecting it up easier because you know it won’t get mixed up or confused with other things around your house!

Safety Chain

Safety chain is a chain that attaches the reel to a stationary object. It’s used to keep the reel from rolling away, falling over or being pulled over by animals.

Retrieval Strap

The retrieval strap is the part of the reel that you use to retrieve your hose. It’s a loop of fabric or webbing, attached to the reel by a swivel joint (or sometimes just one hook). The hose is attached to the retrieval strap with Velcro tape.


The Ames Hose Reel is a great tool for many occasions. It’s perfect for basements, bedrooms, and bathrooms as well as any other area where access is limited. This hose reel comes with all of the parts needed to start using it right away!

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