Char-Broil Gas Grill Parts Diagram & Details

The Char-Broil gas grill is one of the most popular grills in the market. It has been around for over a century, and it’s still going strong today. This article will go over some of its parts and functions so you can better understand how they work together to make your grilling experience even better!

Char-Broil Gas Grill Diagram

char broil gas grill diagram

char boil gas grill parts diagram

char boil gas grill parts 2

The grates

The grates are the part of the grill that you cook on. They can be made from metal or porcelain, and should be easy to clean and maintain. Grates that are durable and rust-resistant are ideal for outdoor use as they will withstand high temperatures during cooking.

Propane Tank

The propane tank is the most important piece of equipment on your Charbroil grill, and it needs to be properly cared for. If you don’t know how to refill or replace your propane tank, then you could end up with an empty tank and no way to cook food!


The burners are the parts of your grill that get hot. They’re made of metal, and they connect to the gas tank, which is located at the bottom of your Charbroil grill. The burner connects to a vent hole in the side or back wall of your Charbroil grill through which fumes can escape from inside before they escape from outside through this vent hole. The flame tamper is another important part of a gas-fueled charbroiler since it helps regulate how much heat gets sent into each burner so that you don’t have too much or too little flame at any given time (which would cause uneven cooking).

Heat Tent

The heat tent is a metal box that surrounds the burner and heats the food from all sides. It’s made of stainless steel and placed on the side of your grill, so it’s out of direct contact with any flame or grease. The lid can be opened or closed depending on what you’re cooking (when closed, it keeps moisture in).

Control Knobs, Catch Pan and Lid

Control knobs: These are used to control the temperature of the grill. You can adjust it depending on what you want to cook or how hot you want your food to be cooked. A good example would be steaks; if they are done quickly, then they will not turn pink because there is no blood flow through them yet! If you’re cooking something like pork chops or chicken breasts (which tend to be white), then these types of meats need higher temperatures so that they don’t get tough as soon as they go on your grill!

Catch pan: The catch pan is used when grilling meat products such as steak or burgers but also contains veggies like peppers – just make sure not too much grease drips into this area otherwise it could cause fire accidents later down the line!”

Side Burner Valve

This valve is used to control the flow of gas coming from the main burner. It also controls how hot your grill gets, which means that it’s important to keep this part clean so you don’t have any problems when cooking on your Charboil Grill.

Heat Control Valve

This valve sets how hot your grill will get by controlling how much gas flows through it and into your food’s cooking area (or “grill”). If this part becomes clogged up with ash or debris, then there may be an issue with performance due to overheating issues; therefore, we recommend cleaning out this part regularly so that no problems arise!

Warming Rack

Warming racks are used to keep food warm while it is being cooked. They can be found on the top of the grill or on the side, and they come in different materials like metal, plastic, or wood.

The purpose of a warming rack is to keep your food warm so it will not dry out during the cooking time. The rack also prevents overcooked meat from falling off your grill because it provides support for whatever’s being cooked (e.g., steaks).

Ignition Wire

Ignition wire is a part of the grill that is used to ignite the grill. The ignition wire is made of metal and it is attached to the control knob. It connects with other parts of your Charbroil Grill, such as the spark plug and capacitor, which will start working when you press on them.

Manifold and Venturi Tube

The manifold and venturi tube is the part of the gas grill where the gas comes in and goes out. So it’s important that you know how this works if you’re going to use your Charbroil Grill for cooking. 

Heat Diffuser/Flavorizer bars

Heat Diffuser/Flavorizer bars are a part of the Charbroil Grill that is used to distribute heat evenly over the entire cooking surface. They are located on the top of the grill, right above the burners. Their job is to keep your food warm while it cooks, keeping it moist and delicious!

Heat Diffuser/Flavorizer bars have many different parts: they may be ceramic or aluminum grills; they may have multiple layers of metal mesh between them; they may even be square shaped instead of rounded like most other grills do! 

Cooking Box or Firebox

The cooking box or firebox is a part of the grill that holds charcoal. It’s usually made of metal and can be found at the bottom of your gas grill, underneath where you’d find your coals if they were being lit with matches. You can see why this is important: if you’re going to cook food on your Charboil, it will need heat!

You may also hear people refer to this area as “the cooking box” or even just simply “the firebox.”

Ash Drawer and Tray

The ash drawer is a removable tray that collects ash from the burners. It’s connected to the grill by a metal rod that slides into two holes on the bottom of the grill. The ash drawer is located on the right side of your Charboil Grill and acts as an easy way to dispose of any leftover pieces of food, as well as getting rid of any excess grease or oil that might have accumulated around your grates over time.

Flame Diverter

The flame diverter is a device that allows the flame to travel from the burner head to the grill and not out the back of the grill. It is a small tube that connects the burner head to the grill.

Grills Control Knobs

Control knobs are used to control the flame of the grill, which means you can change how hot it gets and what type of food you’re cooking. These controls can be found on both sides of your charcoal grill and are often called “gas” or “propane” knobs.

Heat Shields

Heat shields are used to protect the body of the grill from heat. They can be made of metal, ceramic or another material that resists heat well.

The heat shields are placed inside the grill and they keep heat from escaping outwards. This prevents food from burning while cooking or getting too hot for safe handling.

Igniter Part

The igniter is the part of the grill that gets ignited by the gas. It is made up of an electrical device, which contains a spark plug and other parts to initiate a spark when it is pressed against the burner’s electrodes. The purpose of this device is to provide an initial burst of energy that will ignite all other components within your barbecue grill like propane or natural gas.


At the end of the day, you need to know what lights up when you turn it on. If your Charbroil grill doesn’t have any indicator lights, then you’ll have no idea if it is working properly or not. Knowing this will save you money and time in the long run by not having to call for service later on down the road!

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