Craftsman LT1000 Parts Diagram & Functions

The LT1000 is a mower that was produced by MTD for Sears. It is designed to be a mid-sized lawn tractor with an engine that produces 17.5 horsepower and has a notch cut on the deck to accommodate wide tires.

The LT1000 comes with a 42″ deck adapter and can be used with either electric or gas starters, though it requires an external fuel tank if you choose this option instead of an internal one like other models do which saves space but may affect performance. 

Craftsman LT1000 Parts Diagram

craftsman lt1000 parts diagram

craftsman lt1000 parts diagram2

Craftsman LT1000 Parts Explained

Craftsman LT1000 Blades

The blades are the most important part of your mower. They’re what touches the grass and move it through the cutting deck, so they need to be sharpened every season. If you see that one or more of your blades are cracked or damaged, it’s time to replace them before they cause any serious damage to your lawn.

The Craftsman LT1000 uses a steel blade—which is different from an aluminum one—and these can be easily sharpened with an electric grinder like this one (or something similar).

Craftsman LT1000 Belts

The belt is the most important part of your mower. It’s what moves the cutting deck and cuts the grass. If the belt breaks, your mower won’t work properly or at all!

In order for a Craftsman LT1000 to run smoothly and efficiently, it needs an intact belt installed properly. If this isn’t done correctly, then things can get messy very quickly: you’ll end up with clumps of grass stuck between teeth on one side of your lawnmower’s blade (or worse) 

Craftsman LT1000 Pulleys

Pulleys are a type of wheel with a groove around the outside edge. Most pulleys have grooves on their outer edge to fit belts, but some have grooves on both sides of the rim. They’re used to transmit power from one part of a machine to another so that it can rotate freely and efficiently.

Tires and Wheels

Tires are made of rubber and are used to create traction between the ground and the wheel. They’re important for safety, performance and style, especially in a car or truck that uses them as its main form of propulsion.

Deck Parts

The deck is the part of your mower that cuts the grass. The wheels are what roll on the ground, and they’re attached to your Craftsman LT1000. The bearings keep these parts from falling off when you use them to mow your lawn or cut through tall grasses and weeds.

Electric Clutch

The clutch is the most important part of your mower. It’s what makes the engine move and it’s what makes the wheels turn, so make sure you have a good clutch.

The Craftsman LT1000 Electric Clutch has a 14-inch flywheel that spins at 3,000 RPM and can handle up to 1,200 pounds of pressure (that’s not just your weight). This means it’s designed for heavy duty mowers like yours that are used on hard surfaces like concrete sidewalks or paths where there is no grass growing around them!

Starter Motor

The starter motor is the part of your Craftsman LT1000 that turns the engine over to start it. It’s very important, as it’s where you’ll get that first burst of power when you turn the key in your ignition and engage the starter button. If this part fails, then your car won’t start at all! If you notice that your starter isn’t working properly anymore (or if something is wrong with its operation), then it probably needs replacing right away—especially if these symptoms persist:

  • No noise coming from under hood when starting up engine
  • Engine does not crank over even after multiple attempts

Mower Deck

If you have a Craftsman LT1000 mower, this is the part you will need to replace. The mower deck is the top piece of your lawnmower and it’s what covers your grass when you’re cutting it.

If any of these parts are broken or damaged, they can cause an issue with your lawnmower that could lead to serious injury or death. Replacing any of these parts will ensure that nothing goes wrong while using your new mower!

Mower Deck Spindle Assembly

Spindle assemblies are the bearings for your mower deck. They’re what allows the blades to spin freely and fast, so they can cut grass efficiently. If you have trouble spinning your mower’s blades or if they’re not cutting accurately, it’s likely that one of these bearings is worn out and needs replacing.

Ignition Coil

The ignition coil is a part of the ignition system, which helps to start your car. It’s mounted between the spark plug and the distributor cap.

The spark plugs are connected directly to this component, so when you turn on your key and press down on it, it sends current through all of them at once. This causes them to heat up and ignite fuel vapor in their chambers so that there’s enough energy for combustion to occur (and thus power).

Flat Idler Pulley

The flat idler pulley is a small piece that fits on the end of your belt and drives your mower’s drive wheels. It’s important to keep it from getting damaged because if it gets damaged, the bearings inside will go bad, which could cause your lawnmower to stop working altogether.

This part usually makes noise when you’re mowing and should be replaced if there is any trouble with it. If you don’t hear any noises and notice that your mower doesn’t seem to be moving properly or at all, then this might be the problem!

Starter Key Switch

The starter key switch is a safety feature that prevents the mower from starting unless the key is in the “on” position. The starter key switch is located on the left side of the engine, just behind the starter motor. It’s good to keep this area clean and flat so as not to cause injury if it tips over.

In addition, make sure your blade has been aligned properly before attempting any repairs on your Craftsman LT1000 mower because improper alignment could result in damage to both components and possibly even loss of control over them while working on them.


We have tried to be as comprehensive as possible with this list of Craftsman LT1000 Parts, but it is by no means exhaustive. If you have any questions or suggestions for other parts that might work for your mower, please leave a comment below.

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