Kenmore Series 80 Washer Parts Diagram & Details

Whether you’re just curious to see exactly what’s inside your Kenmore Series 80 Washer or you want to fix a fault yourself without messing things up, the Kenmore Series 80 Washer parts diagram on this page is for you. In addition, we have provided details of the functions of each part and how they work.

Kenmore Series 80 Washer Parts Diagram

kenmore series 80 washer parts diagram

kenmore series 80 washer parts diagram

Kenmore Series 80 Washer Parts & Their Functions


The tub is the main part of your washing machine. It holds water, which helps to clean clothes. The tub is made from plastic and has a lip that protects it from damage when transported or used on uneven surfaces.

The agitator rotates inside the top of your Kenmore Series 80 Washer, stirring up dirt so it can be washed away with other items in your load.

Tub bearings

Tub bearings are the most common part of failure on a Kenmore washer. They are located on the agitator shaft, which is located inside your front loader tub and spins as it does its work.

The bearings are made of metal, and they’re what allows your agitator to spin so smoothly. If you have problems where your tub won’t spin correctly, check to ensure that there isn’t anything preventing it from doing so (such as dirt or lint).

Washer basket drive/hub kit

The washer basket drive/hub kit is a small part, but it’s very important to the functionality of your washer. This little piece connects the inner drum to the outer drum, allowing you to spin either one or both at once.

The hub sits on top of an axle bearing opening inside your machine, allowing easy removal and replacement if needed to maintain proper function over time.

The first step will be removing this part from your appliance so that we can access all components inside without having any issues; then comes cleaning up any debris left behind by previous repairs or cleaning attempts before putting everything back together again!

Drive block

The drive block is what connects your washer to the spin cycle. The drive block also has a motor that powers the spin cycle, so you can’t just replace it.

If your machine has a broken or malfunctioning drive block, it won’t work properly and could cause damage to other parts of your machine and yourself because of electrocution if you get too close to that part of the machine.

Washer suspension rods

The suspension rods are used to suspend your washer tub. They’re made of plastic and metal, and they attach to the lid and tub via a spring mechanism that holds them in place.

The rod itself is connected by a rod to a spring that keeps it from falling out when you open your door or turn off your machine.

Agitator Pivot Assembly

The agitator pivot assembly is located at the bottom of the tub and connects to the agitator shaft by a pivot assembly. This part can be removed from its location in your washer by removing one screw, which will then allow you access to all other components contained within this part.

Splotch kit with adapter blocks

The splotch kit has two adapter blocks that connect the washer to the water pump and drain pump. The splotch kit is also used when using different pumps in your washer.

Outer tub gasket

If you have an older Kenmore washer with an outer tub, you should replace the outer tub gasket. The outer tub gasket is a rubber ring that seals the outside of your machine to its chassis, preventing water from getting inside when it rains or gets wet. If this seal is damaged or cracked, water will seep into your machine and cause damage over time.

The most common place for this seal to come loose is near one side, which meets up with another component (like a drainpipe). You can easily spot this if there are cracks or breaks in both pieces—but don’t worry! It’s easy to fix once you’ve found it!

Drain pump

The drain pump is located in the lower-left corner of your Kenmore Series 80 washer. It’s connected to a hose that drains water out of your washer, and it can be replaced if it’s damaged or clogged. To clean this part, pour white vinegar and let it sit overnight before draining again!

Water level switch and pressure tube assembly

The water level switch and pressure tube assembly are used to monitor the water level in your washer. It’s a simple circuit, but it’s important because it ensures you never fill up your machine with dirty water.

The pressure tube connects to both sides of this switch so that if one side has been filled too much, it won’t be able to fill anymore until things settle down again. If this happens often enough and consistently, you may need new parts on either side of this switch (possibly even some other parts).

Inlet water valve assembly

The inlet water valve assembly is a small plastic component that prevents water from entering the pump. To open it, turn the water off at the main shut-off valve (or faucet). You can then twist your washer’s handle to release and remove this piece of hardware.

Once you’ve removed it, wash out any debris left behind by using soap and warm water on your hand or sponge before reinstalling it on your washer’s side paneling.

Pump pressure switch and air dome assembly

The pump pressure switch and air dome assembly are part of the washer. It helps the washer work, clean clothes, and ensure everything works properly.

Lid switch assembly with lever and wire harness

The lid switch assembly detects whether the lid is open or closed. This part also includes a lever and wire harness that connects to the control panel.

The lid switch is in your washer’s control panel and made of plastic, so it’s easy to replace if you ever need it.


So, there you have it! I hope this quick list of parts has given you a better understanding of the components that make up your Kenmore Series 80 washer. If you need any more information or assistance, please feel free to let us know in the comment box.

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