Poulan Chainsaw Fuel Line Diagram & Details

Then Poulan Chainsaw is one of the most reliable working tools out there. It helps with cutting down trees and other woodwork without putting too much effort into it. It also delivers a stellar user experience by operating silently. 

In this article, we have provided a Poulan Chainsaw Fuel Line Diagram and the details

Poulan Chainsaw Fuel Line Diagram

poulan chainsaw fuel line diagram 

Poulan Chainsaw Fuel Line Components

Large Nipple on Carburetor

The large nipple on a carburetor is a component that allows air to enter the carburetor. It is typically located on the top of the carburetor and is connected to the air filter.

This component is essential for allowing the carburetor to function properly by providing the necessary airflow to mix with the fuel and create the combustible mixture needed for the engine to run.

Small Nipple on Carburetor

The small nipple on a carburetor is called the idle mixture screw. It is used to adjust the fuel-to-air ratio at idle speed, allowing the engine to run smoothly at low speeds. It is typically located on the side of the carburetor and is accessed using a screwdriver or adjustable wrench.

Air filter

The air filter on a carburetor is a component that helps to prevent dirt and debris from entering the carburetor and potentially damaging or clogging the internal components.

It is typically made of a paper or foam material and is located near the air intake of the carburetor. The air filter is an important part of the carburetor system, as it helps to ensure that the engine receives clean air for combustion.


The carburetor on a Poulan chainsaw is a component that mixes air and fuel in the correct ratio to provide the engine with a combustible mixture. It is responsible for regulating the flow of fuel and air into the engine, ensuring that the engine runs smoothly and efficiently.

The carburetor is typically located near the top of the chainsaw and is connected to the air filter and fuel tank. It is adjustable and can be adjusted to compensate for different fuel types and operating conditions.

Fuel Filter Line

The fuel filter line on the Poulan chainsaw is a component of the chainsaw’s fuel system. It is a small, flexible tube that connects the fuel filter to the carburetor and allows fuel to flow from the filter to the carburetor.

The fuel filter line plays a critical role in ensuring that only clean fuel is delivered to the carburetor, helping to prevent engine damage and improve the performance of the chainsaw.

Fuel Tank

The fuel tank on the Poulan chainsaw is a container designed to hold and dispense gasoline or other fuel to power the chainsaw engine. It is typically located on the side of the chainsaw and is made of a durable material such as plastic or metal.

The fuel tank is connected to the engine via a fuel line, and has a fuel cap to prevent spills and leaks. It is important to regularly check and refill the fuel tank to ensure the chainsaw has sufficient fuel for operation.

Fuel Bulb Primer

The Fuel Bulb Primer on a Poulan Chainsaw is a small, rubber bulb located near the fuel tank. When pressed, it forces fuel into the carburetor, allowing the chainsaw to start more easily.

Jet Needle

The jet needle on a Poulan chainsaw is a small, adjustable component that controls the flow of fuel from the carburetor to the engine. It is located inside the carburetor and is used to fine-tune the fuel/air mixture to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

The jet needle can be adjusted by turning it clockwise or counterclockwise to allow more or less fuel to flow through the carburetor, depending on the operating conditions of the chainsaw.

Spray Nozzle

The spray nozzle on the carburetor is a small device that is attached to the carburetor and is responsible for atomizing the fuel as it is delivered to the engine.

This atomization process helps to improve the combustion efficiency of the engine, allowing it to operate more efficiently and generate more power. The nozzle is typically adjustable, allowing the user to fine-tune the fuel-air mixture for optimal performance.

Main Jet

The main jet on the carburetor is a small passage or nozzle that controls the flow of fuel into the carburetor. It is usually located inside the carburetor body and is adjustable to fine-tune the fuel mixture for optimal engine performance.

The main jet is usually controlled by a small screw or needle that can be adjusted to increase or decrease the amount of fuel flowing into the carburetor.

Accelerator Pump

The accelerator pump on a carburetor is a small piston-like device that delivers a shot of fuel into the engine when the accelerator pedal is pressed, providing a quick and smooth response to the increase in the throttle.

This helps to prevent the engine from stalling or hesitating when the throttle is opened and ensures that the engine has a consistent and reliable source of fuel at all times. The accelerator pump is typically located in the carburetor body and is activated by a linkage from the accelerator pedal.

Drain Plug 

The drain plug on the carburetor is a small valve or plug located on the bottom of the carburetor that allows excess fuel or moisture to be drained from the carburetor. This is typically used to prevent fuel or moisture from building up in the carburetor and causing damage or performance issues.

The drain plug is usually accessed by removing the carburetor from the engine and turning it upside down to access the bottom of the carburetor.

Throttle Spindle 

The throttle spindle on the carburetor is the part that connects the throttle control to the carburetor. It is responsible for opening and closing the throttle plate, which controls the amount of air and fuel that enters the engine.

When the throttle is opened, the throttle spindle rotates, causing the throttle plate to open and allowing more air and fuel into the engine. When the throttle is closed, the throttle spindle rotates in the opposite direction, causing the throttle plate to close and restricting the flow of air and fuel. This allows the driver to control the engine speed and power output.