Toro Recycler 22 Parts Diagram & Functions

The Toro Recycler 22 is an electric weed eater that can cut through weeds and grasses. It’s a powerful machine with good battery life, and it’s among the best in the market.

Toro Recycler 22 Parts Diagram

toro recycler 22 parts diagram

Toro Recycler 22 Parts Explained

toro recycler 22 parts diagram 1


The flap is the part of your Toro that opens and closes the chute. It’s made of metal, so you can rest assured that it won’t rust. The hinge on this part attaches to any particular size of chute, so if you have a large one or small one, there will be a different hinge attached to it.

If you’re not sure which type of hinge fits your needs best, just look at what kind of flaps are available.


The deck is the part of your lawn mower that cuts grass. It’s made from either stamped steel or cast aluminum, depending on what you’re looking for in terms of durability and weight.

If you want to save money and buy a cheaper model, it may be worth considering buying an older version of this product (for example, if these were still being produced today). This would be especially true if you’re looking for something that performs well but has low maintenance costs associated with it—because these older models tend to cost less than newer ones do!


The blade is the part of your mower that cuts grass. It’s made of hardened steel, and it usually attaches to a shaft that runs through your lawnmower. 

To keep it sharp and working properly, you need to sharpen it regularly by using a file or rasp (a tool for removing metal). If you notice any dullness in your blades—and if they’re not too rusty or dirty—you can replace them yourself without having to pay someone else for an entirely new unit!

Throttle Cable

The throttle cable is a piece of plastic that connects your engine to the transmission. It controls how much fuel is delivered to your car’s engine, allowing you to accelerate or slow down as needed. If you have a problem with this component, it can be fixed by replacing a worn or damaged cable with new parts.


The muffler is the part of the engine that reduces the noise of the exhaust gases. It is made of a metal tube with holes in it, usually made of steel or aluminum but sometimes they can be plastic. Mufflers are usually found on many types of engines like small cars and trucks as well as large trucks and buses.


The handlebar is the part of the lawn mower that you hold onto. It has a throttle, a safety switch and a brake. You can adjust the height of the handlebar so that it’s comfortable for you to use. The material used in making this piece may be plastic or metal depending on what brand you buy.

Spark Plug

The spark plug is a small device that helps ignite the gasoline inside your engine. If you don’t change it regularly, your car may not start or run. You can remove the old spark plug by unscrewing it from its socket and pulling it out with a pair of pliers or vise grips. This will also cause some debris to fall out of your engine’s combustion chamber, so be sure to clean up any loose pieces before replacing your new spark plug with an identical one (or a new one).

Air Filter Element

The air filter element should be replaced every year. This is to ensure that your lawn mower is running at peak performance and efficiency. If you’re noticing a decrease in power, it may be time to change out the air filter element as well.

If you notice any of these signs on your lawn mower:

  • Clogged air filter
  • Dirty or damaged air filter
  • Damaged engine

Drive Belt 

The drive belt is one of the most important parts in your lawn mower. It connects the engine to the blades so you can cut grass. It would help if you replaced it before it breaks down completely or becomes too worn out to operate properly.

Auger Idlers

An aubergine idler pulley is also known as an auger pulley because it consists of two parts: an outer ring and an inner ring. The outer ring rotates with each turn of the inner ring; therefore when these move together they create friction which helps keep them together while rotating around a central shaft at their center point (the axis). When one part wears out then it will cause problems with other components such as drive belts failing or even worse if they break completely off while being operated by someone who hasn’t done maintenance on them regularly enough over time!


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